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The Company is in the business of broadband entertainment-on-demand, streaming via computers, television sets, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and 3G hand phones; and the provision of broadband services. Its business includes channel and program sponsorship (advertising and branding); online subscriptions, channel/portal development (digital programming services);content aggregation and syndication, broadband consulting services, broadband hosting and streaming services and E-commerce.

The Company is also in the business of digit gaming (lottery). The Company has an 18 year license to conduct a nation wide lottery in Cambodia.


The Company, through its subsidiaries under the M2B and new WOWtv brand names, is in the Broadband Media Entertainment business, and a provider of interactive Entertainment-on-demand and e-commerce streaming over Broadband channels, Internet portals, and 3G devices globally. The Company has launched multiple Broadband TV websites with entertainment and content channels designed to cater to various consumer segments and lifestyles. Its content covers diverse genres such as movies, dramas, comedies, documentaries, music, fashion, lifestyle and more.

The Company markets its products globally through its "M2B" and “WOWtv” brand names. Through these brands, the Company offers access to an expansive range of content libraries for aggregation, distribution and syndication on Broadband and other media, including rights for merchandising, product branding, promotion and publicity.


Our business strategy is to become a premier diversified media, e-commerce and e-lifestyle company. We adopt the latest broadband, e-commerce and communications technology and leverage on our international premium content and programming expertise. This is how we deliver online entertainment, lifestyle products and services to our customers.

Our goal is to constantly identify fresh market opportunities and to stay ahead of c hanges in the broadband media and related e-commerce industry. We believe that we can accomplish this by continuing to satisfy customers' needs for a convenient, comprehensive and personalized source of broadband video content, services and information with pleasant user experiences. Through our business plan implementation, we aim to become a leading Broadband Media Entertainment business, providing interactive Entertainment-on-demand and e-commerce streaming over Broadband channels, Internet portals, and 3G devices globally.

We intend to continue leveraging on our competitive strengths to attain a leadership position in the industry.


The Company’s competitive strengths are:

Rich Content Library

The Company owns a rich library of content that covers a wide range of genres, of which the majority includes worldwide rights in perpetuity on the broadband. This enables the Company to deliver a rich and diverse variety of on-demand streaming video content that suit the lifestyle and taste of different consumer 1 segments, across different countries - thereby massing a global base of viewers to attract advertisers to its delivery platforms on the PC, 3G devices and TV. The Company has built relationships with content distributors in the U.S. and Asia that enables it to continually source for content that meet the changing demands and taste of the customers and advertisers.

Global Video Streaming Network

The Company has also developed and implemented a global video streaming network that enables it to deliver high quality on-demand video streaming programs from its rich library of content rights to a worldwide audience of broadband users. This global video streaming network is completely integrated with firewalls, loading balancing protocols, bandwidth and consumer monitoring systems and payment gateways to enable worldwide billing. In addition, the Company has its own digital post-production and design capabilities to fully manage content rights protection, user experience and specialized programming for all its consumer-facing delivery platforms. This end-to-end broadband streaming infrastructure enables the Company to customize and diversify its products and services, incorporating video-on-demand and e-commerce services.

Multiple Revenue Streams

The Company's diversified delivery platforms enable it to capitalize and generate multiple revenue streams by targeting different consumer segments over broadband, across different geographic markets. The multiple revenue streams comprise of advertising, subscriptions, sponsorships, online shopping and games, as well as licensing and content syndication and turn-key broadband consulting solutions. The Company's goal is not to be excessively dependent on any one single revenue source. Its rich library of content rights combined with its global video streaming network supports the Company's future growth strategy that focuses on multiple growth areas and territories. The Company can thereby cost-effectively tailor its broadband websites and services to suit different cultures, consumer behavior and clients needs in different geographical locations. The Company is also able to localize its products and services to sustain loyalty of its viewers and consumers.

Key Alliances

The Company has entered into strategic alliances and / or agreements with key providers to support the marketing and distribution of its products and services in different territories. The Company will continue to forge strategic partnership opportunities including the area of web-enabled mobile devices and extend its accessibility to customers of its broadband websites and services.


Our principal operations are carried out through the following three segments of our business:

1. Entertainment Services - Video on-Demand services for entertainment, providing the Company with advertising, subscriptions, online games and e-commerce revenues
2. Digit Games

Entertainment Services

The Company provides online entertainment on-demand on Broadband channels, Internet portals and 3G devices across the globe, for specific and identified viewer lifestyles, demographics and interests. Entertainment and web visit experience is maintained throughout from the initial viewing experience to on-line shopping and payment checkout experience. The Company uses Broadband technology to provide its services. Broadband technology is defined as high speed, high-bandwidth, two-way data, voice and video communications, delivered at high transmission rates.

SERVICES: Broadband technology allows us to deliver the following services:

o Video-on-demand (VOD) services that enable individuals to select videos from a Central Server, on-demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for viewing on:

o Television screens (Set top Box Technology)

o PCs (Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Technology)

 o Personal Digital Assistants(PDA), 3G hand phones (Wireless Technology)

o E-Commerce linked interactively to the VOD platforms on broadband.

The Company applies broadband technologies to facilitate its growth in the broadband sector. Its main competitive advantage is derived from its ownership of rights for various territories on broadband for its contents i.e. movies, televisions, dramas and programs on lifestyles, business and glamour.

The Company has built and installed its broadband streaming system complete with firewalls, load balancing, bandwidth and consumer monitoring systems, which include video streaming, video storage and web servers in Singapore.The Company has also developed its streaming applications to stream into television sets, via a set top box.

The Company has developed a capability to stream wireless broadband and have its own digitized entertainment sites for wireless broadband applications.

The Company offers consumers personalized entertainment through its wide range of broadband streaming channels available at www.wowtv.com..

PRODUCTS: We offer the following products on the VOD platform:

o Entertainment - Consumers access movies, TV series, music, glamour and fashion, lifestyle (hobbies, cooking, and personalities), documentaries, sports, health and fitness and others. They can choose from a large number of different channels depending on their interests or lifestyle preferences./p>

o E-Commerce - Consumers can purchase products online, view product videos and make payments online.

With this strategy, the Company generates diversified sources of revenue from:

1. Advertising i.e. program and channel sponsorship

2. Online subscriptions

3. Channel/portal development i.e. digital programming services

4. Content aggregation and syndication

5. Broadband consulting services

6. E-commerce services

WOWtv - Web TV service

WOWtv, a broadband entertainment web TV service, has embarked on launching its site across the Asia Pacific, streaming more than 50 channels of Hollywood and Asian entertainment via video on-demand, providing E-commerce services and an original online games platform. Its video on-demand content covers diverse genres such as movies, television dramas, variety shows, documentaries, fashion, lifestyle, sports, edutainment and more. WOWtv can be viewed on www.wowtv.com.

Beginning with Singapore and Indonesia, WOWtv is set to launch across the Asia Pacific, expanding its growing presence to additional territories, namely Australia, China, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia within the next 12 months. No assurance can be given that such plans will materialize as planned.

Leveraging on the Strengths of WOWtv

WOWtv is a cutting-edge, innovative platform that will establish a first mover advantage to become the first Pan-Asian broadband entertainment services provider. Its strengths and competitive advantages include:/p>

Content Aggregation, Distribution and Syndication - with the technology and expertise to stream with high clarity and also manage operations and costs well.

Premium Content Portfolio - with a vast library of worldwide broadband rights of film and content, copyright ownership and exclusivity on the majority of broadband titles.

Strong relationships in Asia and Hollywood - with good connections to enable it to make further in-roads to content acquisition.

Broadband Distribution Deals - with secured major broadband distribution deals with major media companies.

Digit Games

The Company has an 18-year license to conduct nation wide lottery in Cambodia. The Company also signed an agreement with Allsports Limited, a British Virgin Islands company, to operate, administer, and manage the lottery digit games activities in Cambodia.