M2B World launches WOWtv New Next Generation Personalised Broadband Channel
Amaru announces new members to Board of Directors
M2B World expands M2Btv programming with four new channels
M2B World debuts "The Hollywood Reporter TV 80" vignette series
Amaru's M2B World Asia Pacific in Sale and Purchase transaction with Singapore-listed Auston International for SGD 165 million in Equity
Amaru Inc. offers a variety of global broadband media services offering benefits to consumers, merchants and advertisers alike.
Advertising and Sponsorship services on our Broadband TV sites by providing highly cost-effective rates to reach and influence targeted segments of viewers identified in M2B World channel programming, (click here for advertising models).
Subscription services to a wide range of video-on-demand entertainment and education content delivered via broadband streaming.
Global Content Syndication and Distribution including broadband, TV and DVD channels; including online dealerships.
E-Consulting Services in providing turnkey management of broadband infrastructure and operations; including digital production and programming services.